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 Ref.: COM Handheld Devices HF-O-PAC 5C and COM-O-PAC 10
For maximum performance, you need the following recommendations. 
-- Make sure that your power source (batteries internal or external 12 volts) are in good condition. The indicator on the front panel can help determine the status of food. Take care to install batteries in the right direction. The camera is protected from the application of current in the wrong polarity. It does not simply turn.
-- The dipole should be hung from trees or 2 supports equivalents (See picture). These should be at a distance of several feet longer than the length of the antenna. Complete antenna with rope insulation to reach the trees. The antenna should be hung as high as possible for a good signal, although in good conditions radio, a height of 15-20 feet is sufficient. It is very important to hang the antenna in a direction perpendicular to the station you want to contact. The antenna must be of a suitable length for the frequency chosen.
 -- Speak clearly at a distance of 1 to 2 inches from the microphone by pressing the button on the side of the microphone to transmit. Release to listen. The control "clarify" is used to adjust the quality of voice in reception. Leave center position before starting the conversation; adjuste thereafter according to the tone of the other station.
-- In the event of damage or loss of a microphone, you can use the speakerphone as micro pressing the button "TX." Talk fairly close to the speaker (1). The voice quality is not as good as the real micro, but it will pass an emergency.
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